Luxury Living Beside the Waters of Lake Como Real Estate

Introduction: A Breathtaking Location

For centuries, people have extolled the scenic beauty of Lake Como, a place of tranquil serenity shielded by massive mountain faces. The backdrop of the hills near the shore grow festive with a rich canvas of brilliant yellow, orange, red and purple hues at sunset every evening. At night, by moonlight, the clear fluid waters of the amazing lake reflect shining lights from adjoining communities scattered near the edge. Residents delight in watching the first rays of day peak across this panoramic landscape as morning breaks. Few places on Earth can rival the sheer magnificence of this outstanding environment!


A Solid Lake Como Real Estate Investment

If you want to invest in one-of-a-kind property, a location that will never lose its underlying value, then real estate beside Lake Como offers an ideal selection. The luxury villas and elegant apartments constructed by the firm of Nessi & Majocchi can provide comfortable accommodations, allowing you to live your dream of residing close to nature in a fine, yet comfortable, style. With several plans and sizes to choose from, you can locate the perfect residence.

breakfast from a real estate on lake como

Just a few kilometers outside the City of Como, the company has already completed a number of exclusive apartments. These attractively furnished, modern units appeal to people interested in maintaining an upwardly mobile lifestyle in one of the most remarkable resorts on Earth. Units in this location remain in very high demand.

Live the Dream of Lake Como Real  Estate

These apartments display outstanding professional craftsmanship in design and construction. Each of them takes full advantage of the site location to provide residents with unparalleled lake front views. While they comply fully with applicable environmental health and safety laws, they also permit occupants to reside very close to the waters of Lake Como. Some apartments front directly over the lake. With terraces, numerous recreational opportunities and a vibrant cultural life in the surrounding area, residents can savor all of the benefits of living in fully modern, amenity-filled quarters. The fresh, clean mountain air, outstanding scenery and pleasant neighbors here promise years of enjoyment far into the future.

A Rare Opportunity

As more people discover the benefits of life at Lake Como Real Estate, the reputation of the area continues to draw both visitors and permanent residents. Some of the Nessi & Majocchi apartments remain available at this time. Make an appointment to visit soon to start enjoying lake side living at its finest.