Luxury Homes in Bellagio: The Pearl Of The Lake

World class luxury like no other can be found along the beautiful shores and outskirts of Lake Como at Bellagio, in Italy. Bellagio homes are the perfect luxury investment for anyone wanting to delve into exclusive places and a unique lifestyle that simply cannot be found anywhere else.


Bellagio: The Pearl of the Lake

The “Pearl of the Lake” as Bellagio is also known can certainly be the most exciting living experience of one’s life as there is so much to do. Lovers of gourmet food and drink can have all of their desires met at Lake Como. There is such a plethora of bars, restaurants and cafes that one need not encounter the same meal twice. Bellagio sits at the fork of the inverted “Y” shaped lake and the views from these eateries are amazing. The weather consistently provides a dining experience that is unparalleled.

one of our luxurious bellagio homes

Activities and facilities in Bellagio

As the busiest of the tourist towns along the lake, Bellagio is a hub of activity. Accordingly, Bellagio homes maintain a high property value which means that a premium can be charged if one decides to resale their home at a later time. The people watching is another exclusive side effect of this perfect placement as a nexus. There is always an exhaustive lineup of cultures represented and this creates a very vibrant and exciting environment to be a part of.

The shops provide items that can only be found in the exclusivity of Bellagio. There exists everything from bookstores to clothing outlets and everything in between. Special handicraft shops flourish along the shores of Lake Como providing souvenirs to the tourists and attractive art to the locals.


Transportation in Bellagio: taxi boats and private chauffeurs

There are many modes of transportation available in this quaint town as well. One can take a taxi boat or water limousine to and from the various cities along lake Como. For a real adventure, private boats can be rented for a more personal and customized tour of the water and various hubs. Mobility on land is just as easy as there are many taxi services as well as parking areas that allow for great flexibility.

Bellagio homes at Lake Como in Italy can be a destination like no other. Private exclusive parties are constantly happening and the lifestyle of a local homeowner there is one of glamour and intrigue. Go ahead and reach out to specialized agencies along Lake Como that can help make dreams come true and find the perfect product now.