Italian Master’s Degrees for World Class MBAs

Getting an MBA in Italy

People with the desire to get a Master’s Degree in Business should obtain their MBA in Italy from the University of Bologna. The University of Bologna offers many different programs to meet the desires and requirements of the student in an environment which is taught in English.

These programs range from full-time Masters’ student programs to Executive degree programs for those who are already established in the business world.

A world class faculty

The student seeking an Italian Master’s degree will receive an education of the highest order. The faculty consists of full-time professors and guest lecturers from all over the world. This includes people who actually use the knowledge and techniques they are teaching. This combination of full-time and guest faculty provides the student with a global perspective and knowledge of business in different regions of the world.

BBS' italian masters

Italian Master’s programs offered

Bologna Business School (BBS) offers those who are seeking their MBA in Italy 35 different programs for getting their degree. The programs are divided into four categories.

Global MBA is for young professionals who want to expand their presence in the global economy. The Executive Masters program features new challenges and networking for established business professionals. For those who are still working on their education, the Business School offers a Full-Time Master’s Program. The School also offers Open Programs for those seeking specific courses and research.


About BBS

The University of Bologna is the oldest university in the Western World. The City of Bologna is one of most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Situated in the middle of Europe, there is easy access to the financial centers of Europe and the world beyond.

The Bologna Business School is situated in Villa Guastavillani, a 16th Century residence in one of the most interesting and scenic regions of Italy and Europe. BBS combines the rich history and tradition of the University with cutting-edge knowledge to provide a superior educational experience.

The overarching philosophy of BBS is that all business is intertwined within the global economy. People who succeed are those who are flexible, imaginative and quick to respond to challenges. Bologna Business School provides an environment for the student to learn and develop these capabilities. Those who wish to be leaders in business should come and get their MBA in Italy.