The Types And Different Benefits Of Forex Bonuses

Forex Bonuses

A Forex bonus is a consistent promotion provided to both new, and registered investors. Most bonuses require no specific obligation except officially registering on the website. Some bonuses require a deposit in the investor’s account. The specifics of the bonus should be understood before registration.

The Forex Deposit Bonus

This bonus is connected to the deposits of the investor, and is generally available to all clients. Registration on the website, and a deposit are required. Most Forex deposit bonuses are measured by the percentage. An example is when the deposit bonus is 50%, if the investor deposits $100, the trading account will reflect a balance of $150.

The Forex No Deposit Bonus

This bonus is also connected to the investor’s deposits. The difference is, the broker does not require a deposit before trading on the website. The bonus is given to the investors as a reward for registering, and trading on the website. Many investors believe this is the best type of Forex bonus since an investor can trade with no risk. When the investor loses, no money is owed to the broker, and when the investor wins, the reward is paid without any money having been received by the broker for the trade.

The Welcome Forex Bonus

The welcome bonus is only for new clients, and existing clients are ineligible. This bonus is designed to attract new investors by providing the opportunity to check the broker without taking a big risk. This involves the broker giving the client a specific amount of money for trading. Depending on the broker’s policy, this can be a deposit bonus, or a no deposit bonus.

The VIP Forex Bonus

The VIP bonus is for websites old traders, loyal clients, and established investors. This bonus requires the client to remain on the website for a substantial period before this bonus can be claimed. The bonus reflects the experience gained on the website. The creation of a VIP account is required, and this bonus is extremely beneficial, and profitable. Prior to opening an account, consider the VIP promotion.

The Forex Reload Bonus

This bonus has been designed for regular clients. The client must exist on the Forex platform to qualify. The broker offers the opportunity to make a deposit in exchange for another type of bonus. The Forex reload bonus is usually instant, and many brokers off a reload bonus of 50% for every deposit. Serious Forex traders consider this the best Forex bonus because they are always trading.

The Pending Forex Bonus

This bonus cannot be used upon receipt, but stays pending until a specific action is performed on the website. This generally requires clearance from the broker prior to the bonus being used. This bonus is often issued for new clients, who are then required to perform several trades before being able to receive the bonus. A pending bonus is not considered one of the better bonuses, and most traders prefer the instant promotions.

Finding a Forex Bonus

Most individuals are interested in finding the best possible Forex bonus. Although there are a lot of options, many lack practicalities. Neither new investors, or high punters want to waste their money or time because this will result in a failed trading experience. For these reasons, the speed in which the bonus is given is not the most important factor. The most important detail is locating the bonus quickly, and not wasting time. This means the client must have trust in the website of choice, learn the basics of Forex trading, and avoid the most common mistakes. This will allow the trader to have a positive experience with Forex trading, and Forex bonuses. A list of the best forex bonus promotions can be very useful to make a confident selection of what’s really suitable for a specific trader.

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