Landing Jobs in UK: Tips That Will Get You Hired Fast

Approximately 1.6 million people are out of jobs in UK, and if you are among this population, then you know how much the job market can be brutal. Job seeking is a frustrating task, one that requires a lot of free time, great effort and patience. With professionals from across the world competing for employment in the UK, you will need a few tips to help you land a new job fast.

Networking to find jobs in UK

Searching for jobs online will get you only far enough. Networking and letting people know you are looking for a job is the key to landing a job fast. Quite a number of employees never post open positions online.

You can talk to previous co-workers, friends, and family to make your job search public. Use the people in your network as a strategy to find a job. Through influence and alliances, networking can land a job fast. There are many benefits of networking:
• Improves your visibility
• Access non-advertised positions
• First-hand knowledge from professionals
• Allows you to demonstrate your skills and initiative

Understand hiring cycles

Timing gives you an upper hand while searching for a job. Focus your search during the annual recruitment cycles when companies and businesses are looking for new employees. Looking for jobs at the start of the hiring cycles gets the best chance of being hired. Peak hiring seasons in the UK are January and February and late September and October.

Build your resume

Before sending out your resume to every possible employer out there, make sure that it is the right one. Your resume should focus more on your past accomplishments rather than your goals and objectives. Have a powerful summarization of your achievements, key skills, and responsibilities for the specific job position you want.

The job seeking industry is especially highly competitive in the UK. Your resume should always contain a sentence or two that will interest potential employers and even lead to an interview.

Polish your online profile while looking for jobs

Today, most employers will search your online profiles to determine whether you are a suitable candidate. Your online reputation is highly important to today’s’ digital world. Search yourself on different search engines to see what comes up. Your online profiles reveal your habits and define your personality. Make sure your online profiles are the best source of information about yourself.

Use job sites to find jobs in UK

Job search engines such as Jobtome offer a great variety of options across sectors. As one of the most important jobs search engine in Europe, Jobtome provides job seekers with access to millions of jobs.