Financika offers secure online trading for investors

Online trading has been around for several years offering individual small investors the chance to make money in the stock market in the same way as large institutional investors. In 2014, a new online trading service called Financika was established. Financika is suitable for beginning and experienced traders, and they provide educational resources and support to make online investing accessible to everybody.

Investment trading platforms

Financika offers several services including investment trading, investing education, investment analysis and banking services. Investors can trade in currencies, commodities, derivatives, indices like DOW JONES and the NASDAQ and individual stocks. They can trade these investments through two trading platforms, PROfit and webPROfit. Both platforms benefit traders by providing them with user friendly investing tools, account summaries, financial analysis and customer support.

Investing education

Financika trading online provider

Financika provides and education service to its investors who can learn everything from the basics of online trading, reading charts, technical and fundamental analysis, placing orders and more. There are also video tutorials that focus on the foreign exchange (forex) market, commodities and the advantages of trading online. Only basic investing information provided by Financika’s academy but it is a good reference point for investors who may be unfamiliar with certain concepts.

Investing analysis on financika .com

Financika provides daily and weekly analysis of the global markets along with currency and commodity values and manufacturing reports. For investors who follow certain industries, Financika offers a daily economic calendar where the investor can look up sales, manufacturing and industrial forecasts, business confidence and bank lending activities for individual countries and regions.

Banking services

Financika offers banking services but it is only used for the purposes of having money for trading activities. In order to fund a trading account, the investor must use a credit card that has been approved by Financika, or the investor must do a wire transfer from their bank to their Financika trading account. Using a credit card to fund a trading account requires the investor to contact customer support via email and they must provide a copy of the credit card that will be used.

Moving forward

Financika is one of the newest online trading brokerages on the market. It has some good information that can be helpful to all investors regardless of their experience. As Financika continues to grow one can expect to see more detailed information for investors on its website as it continues to become one of the more trustworthy online trading websites for investors outside the U.S. and worldwide.