AlfaTrade Broker Review

AlfaTrade Forex Broker

Many traders want to extend their opportunities and diversify into trading of other asset classes than stocks. However, some prefer to have a single trading platform than having to deal with several accounts. Having many accounts is not only inconvenient but also requires multiple deposits.

The solution is to find a single online broker that offers access to multiple asset classes. However, this alone isn’t enough. The selected broker must provide good tools to make trading successful. One of such brokers to consider is AlfaTrade.

Access to multiple markets

With AlfaTrade, traders get access to various financial markets. One involves stocks. Here, major stocks can be traded. Various international indices based on FTSE, DAX, CAC 40, Dow, and NASDAQ can be traded as well. This surely offers access to international trading opportunities.

In addition, this particular broker provides access to currency trading. On top of that, commodities can traded. Here, traders can bet on energy, precious metals, and agricultural commodities.

Superior trading platforms

Customers who open accounts with AlfaTrade get access to MT4 Trader, an advanced trading platform with which trades can be made right off the charts. This offer extends to mobile trading. This way developing trading opportunities can be taken advantage of from anywhere. The access to MT4 Trader comes with tutorials which explain how to utilize its potential.

Traders also get an option to use Webtrader. This is a desktop-based system similar to systems provided by other brokers. That’s in the case some traders don’t want to use MT4.

This comprehensive online broker provides yet another valuable feature. Mirror Trader is a system which allows traders to copy strategies of well-performing traders who use the same platform. Each trader can set up a strategy and have the system automatically execute it.

Another feature, Guardian Angel, gives real-time feedback about trader’s performance in order to improve future trading. By using it, traders get to see analyses of their strengths and weaknesses, each catered to their individual performances. This is especially useful for new traders as they need expert feedback.

Daily analysis and research

Those who decide to choose AlfaTrade as their broker will also get access to Autochartist. It is a system which points out to developing trends for various assets. By using it, traders can quickly scan patterns and produce forecasts. Advanced tools such as Fibonacci retracements among others are utilized. This system can also send notifications about breakthroughs and other developing patterns.

Moreover, AlfaTrade’s customers get access to daily market reviews and an economic calendar to see what’s upcoming. Analysts’ commentaries are included with chart drawings to explain various situations. This way, amateur traders can understand what’s going on in the markets around the world.

Real time news are included, too. Furthermore, plenty of educational materials are provided to the customers in the forms of videos, webinars, and e-books.

Account types

AlfaTrade caters to all kinds of traders- from small to big ones. To open a Standard Account, only $500 is needed. Commissions are only $8 per $100k trade. Leverage is accessible, going as far as 200-1, thus allowing for bigger trades with little money. When it comes to no-commission trades, such as those involving forex, spreads are as low as 2.5 points.

For bigger traders, Premium Accounts are offered. To open one of these, $5,000 is needed. Leverage is also 200-1. Commissions are only $3.5 per $100k, while spreads get narrower to 2.1.

The biggest customers qualify for VIP Accounts. Here, a $50,000 deposit is required. Leverage stays at 200-1, while commissions are only $2 per $100k trade. When it comes to spreads, these get even smaller and stand at 1.5 points.


This broker not only offers access to multiple global markets and asset classes, but also provides a quality trading platform with advanced tools. It only takes a small deposit to become a client, while bigger customers are further rewarded with more attractive terms.

Combining trading education with advanced trading platforms and tools, which assist in making trading decisions, improves chances of trading success. At AlfaTrade, this is augmented with Mirror Trader so new traders can learn from others, all while getting further feedback by the Guardian Angel. With so many features, this broker stands above many others.

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