An Introduction To Online Trading For Beginners

The Definition of Online Trading

Online trading occurs when financial products are bought and sold using an online trading platform. Internet based brokers are generally the providers of these platforms, and they are available to all individuals interested in making money in the market. Most brokers offer a wide assortment of financial products including Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Shares. Although most individual have become familiar with purchasing and selling commodities such as silver or gold, and trading Shares such as Google, the popularity of Forex has substantially increased during the last few years.


Forex is best described with an example. When a traveler exchanges Euros into dollars for a trip that is cancelled, they must then change the dollars back into Euros. Depending on the market they can be left with a profit. This is a simplified explanation of making a profit with a foreign exchange trade. When foreign currency is purchased, it is at the current rate of exchange. This rate can increase or decrease in the market. In the past, this type of trade was done through a post office or bank, and is now possible with a mobile phone or home computer. Forex trading includes currencies like the Euro or dollar, and numerous commodities including oil, gold, and major market indices. Many individuals trade online without being professionals. The trades are opened with the selection of the product, the amount, and the direction. The trade may be closed at any time.

Opening and Closing Deals with No Commission

Traditional institutions including banks charge investors commissions on their trades. Through online trading, when trades are opened or closed with a competitive spread, there is often no commission involved on any product. The lack of commission on specific transactions, and the ability to conduct trades at home have contributed to the popularity of online trading.

Leveraged Trading

The purpose of trading is to purchase low, and sell once the rate has increased. This is how traders make a profit. The higher the increase, the larger the profit. When a trader makes an investment using a small amount, the profit will be fairly small despite the level of increase for the trade. Leveraging the amount of the investment increases the purchasing power of the trader, and leads to a higher profit. The idea is if an individual purchases 500 Euros, exchanges them for dollars then back to Euros they can make a profit of maybe 5 Euros. If the individual purchases a much larger number of Euros, their profit will be much higher. Although leveraging trading can result in higher profits for the trader, it can also cause larger losses and become a detriment. The amount a trader invests must be carefully considered, and the basic rule is never investing more than can be comfortably lost.

Opening a Deal

Opening a deal for an online trade is not difficult. The trader must first choose the platform they want to use from fintech companies like SpotOption. There will usually be a button marked buy or sell to click. The trader simply clicks the button, then selects the trade and amount. Many platforms offer an online simulator to help new traders become accustomed to the process. The trader must decide what investment suits their needs. Some people base their decision on a friend’s recommendation, or their emotions. Others retain an investment advisor, or thoroughly study the market so an informed and educated decision can be made. New traders should use care and caution when they begin. Once they understand the market, are educated regarding the options, and have decided what level of trading is affordable, the ability to make a profit greatly improves.

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